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1995: Dr. Nguyen Dan Que, Viet Nam

Advocating for Political Reform and Freedom of Expression in Viet Nam.

1995 RFK Human Rights Award Recipient, Doctor Nguyen Dan Que, founded the Nonviolent Movement for Human Rights and has dedicated his life to promoting greater freedom of expression and human rights in Viet Nam. Since 1978, Dr. Que had spent nearly 20 years in jail for his efforts. Most recently, Dr. Que was detained in March 2003 and then released in February 2005 under the New Year’s Amnesty. The Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights applauds Dr. Que’s release and views this as a significant step forward by the Vietnamese government.

The RFK Center congratulates Viet Nam on its overall progress in human rights, especially in the last few years, and respects the fact that the government has become a State Party to a number of international human rights treaties. In this context, the RFK Center seeks to establish a constructive dialogue with the Vietnamese Government regarding how to strengthen its legal system and help assure ongoing progress. The RFK Center believes that, by strengthening this system, Viet Nam will increase support from U.S. lawmakers and the broader international community as it continues to develop and integrate into the global economy.