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The Robert F. Kennedy Foundation of Europe governance organizations are the Board and the Trustees Committee.

The Board is composed of 10  members, of various nationalities, to respect our international call.

This Board’s mandate expires in 2010.



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  • Biography

    Kerry Kennedy is the President of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. She is the author of The New York Times best seller “Being Catholic Now: Prominent Americans talk about Change in the Church and the Quest for Meaning,” published by Crown Books/Random House in September 2008, and “Speak Truth to Power: Human Rights Defenders Who Are Changing Our World,” (Random House, 2000).

    Ms. Kennedy started working in the field of human rights in 1981, when she investigated abuses committed by U.S. immigration officials against refugees from El Salvador. Since then, her life has been devoted to the pursuit of justice, to the promotion and protection of basic rights, and to the preservation of the rule of law. She established the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights in 1988. She has led over 50 human rights delegations around the globe.

    Ms. Kennedy is the founder of Speak Truth To Power, a global education initiative, which includes her book, the play, the photographic exhibition by Pulitzer Prize-winner Eddie Adams, the PBS documentary film, the education packet (a twelve-week course taught to 300,000 high school students around the world in 2009-2010), five public service announcements, the award-winning Web site, and federal legislation which increased funding for the protection of defenders.

    Ms. Kennedy is Chair of the Amnesty International USA Leadership Council and serves on the boards of directors of Human Rights First, Inter-Press Service and the United States Institute of Peace. She received high honors from President Lech Walesa of Poland for aiding the Solidarity movement and is the recipient of many other prizes.

    Ms. Kennedy is a graduate of Brown University and Boston College Law School and she is a member of the Massachusetts and District of Columbia bars. She has campaigned in every Presidential election since 1968.

    She is the mother of three daughters, Cara, Mariah and Michaela.

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    Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, United States

    Robert F. Kennedy Center - Europe

    Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, United States

    Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy *

    Robert Smith *
    Vista Equity Partners 

    Terry Mazany
    President, Chicago Community Trust

    Robert Wolf *
    CEO, 32 Advisors, LLC

    Anthony Williams *
    McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP


    Harry Belafonte
    Activist/Entertainer, Belafonte Enterprises, Inc.

    Alan H. Buerger
    Founder and CEO, Coventry

    Larry Cox
    Former Executive Director of Amnesty International
    Former Sr. Human Rights Program Officer at Ford Foundation
    Currently on an education sabbatical

    Peter Edelman
    Co-Director, Joint Degree in Law and Public Policy; Faculty Director, Center on Poverty, Inequality, and Public Policy, Professor of Law at Georgetown University

    Mark E. Freitas *
    President and Founder, Mark Edward Partners

    Tim Gannon
    Co-Founder, Outback Steakhouse
    Owner, PDQ

    Jonah Goodhart
    Founder, MOAT Digital Advertising and Media Company

    Claudio Grossman
    Chair, UN Committee Against Torture
    Dean, Washington College of Law

    Richard Iannuzzi
    Consultant / Education and Labor

    Philip W. Johnston
    President and Founder, Johnston Associates

    Kerry Kennedy 
    President, RFK Center for Justice & Human Rights

    The Honorable Joseph P. Kennedy, III
    United States Congressman
    Massachussets, 4th District 

    Matthew Kennedy
    CEO, Kennedy Merchant Partners

    Marialina Marcucci
    Managing Director, Ultima Communications
    Former Vice President, Tuscan Region for Culture

    Elisa Massimino
    President, Human Rights First

    Niclas Kjellström-Matseke
    CEO, Swedish Postcode Lottery

    Michael Posner
    NYU Stern School of Business 
    Former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor 

    Terry Mazany *
    President, Chicago Community Trust

    John Rogers
    Founder, Ariel Capital Investments

    Marvin S. Rosen
    President, Fusion Telecommunications International

    Malika Saada Saar
    Executive Director, Rights for Girls

    Dr. Jeffrey Sachs
    President, Jeffrey Sachs Associates

    Henry S. Schleiff
    Group President, Investigation Discovery, Military Channel, and Destination America with Discovery Communications, Inc. 

    Martin Sheen

    Luz Vega-Marquis
    Seattle, Washington
    The Marguerite Casey Foundation

    Robert Wolf *
    CEO, 32 Advisors, LLC

    Paul van Zyl
    CEO, Miyet

    Gabrielle Greene Sulzberger
    Rustic Canyon/Fontis Partners, L.P.
    James J. Pinto
    Chief Executive Officer of the General Partner
    MVC Private Equity Fund

    Ex Officio Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee

    Lynn Delaney * 
    Executive Director, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights

    * Executive Committee members

    Robert F. Kennedy Center - Europe

    Honorary President
    Kerry Kennedy
    International lawyer

    Marialina Marcucci

    Riccardo Monti
    Value Partners S.p.A. - Director of the Rome office

    General Secretariat

    Francesco Aletti Montano
    Aletti Montano & Co Family Office Sr President

    Marco Gualtieri

    Phil Johnston

    David Stein
    Stein Hotels - CEO

    Donato J. Tramuto
    Physicians Interactive - CEO

    Anthony Williams
    DLA Piper LLC - International lawyer


    2011: Frank Mugisha, Uganda

    Advocating for LGBTI rights and HIV/AIDS awareness


    Frank Mugisha, a prominent young advocate for the rights of sexual minorities in Uganda, received the 2011 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award. Mr. Mugisha is the Executive Director of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), a leading organization of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) movement in the East African country.

    In Uganda, LGBTI organizations operate in a dangerously hostile climate, and Mr. Mugisha is one of the few openly gay LGBTI activists. As a spokesperson for the movement, he amplifies the voice of one of the most vulnerable groups in the country.

    Homosexuality is a criminal offense in Uganda, and the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill would make homosexual activities punishable by life in prison, and, in certain cases, by death. Currently, 80 percent of Ugandans support the bill. Mr. Mugisha courageously pursues his work at great personal risk, and has received numerous death threats. In January 2011, Mr. Mugisha's colleague David Kato, a former advocacy and litigation officer for SMUG, was murdered. It is believed that Kato was targeted for his role in the Ugandan LGBTI movement.

    On receiving the RFK Human Rights Award, Mr. Mugisha said: “For me, it is about standing out and speaking in an environment where you are not sure if you will survive the next day; it is this fear that makes me strong, to work hard and fight on to see a better life for LGBTI persons in Uganda. The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award gives me courage and hope that my work, which may not be accepted and recognized in my own country, is making a change with this international visibility.”

    Mr. Mugisha, 29, began advocating for LGBTI rights and HIV/AIDS awareness as a university student in 2004. He spearheaded the support group Icebreakers Uganda, which provides resources and support to those who are openly gay or are coming out of the closet. After being targeted for arrest, Mr. Mugisha was smuggled out of the country to seek safety in exile, later returning to Uganda to resume his work. As a result of his vocal advocacy, Mr. Mugisha has lost jobs and friends and become estranged from family. Still, Mr. Mugisha is held in the highest esteem by the LGBTI community, and activists and supporters chose him to lead SMUG on the basis of his effectiveness, credibility, and integrity.

    SMUG, a network of Ugandan organizations advocating on behalf of the LGBTI communities, was founded in 2004 as a coalition of LGBTI human rights organizations to unify and strengthen sexual minority groups and communities in Uganda. SMUG’s objectives are to advocate and lobby for equality for all, to bolster LGBTI visibility through media and literature, and to empower activists through leadership and social entrepreneurship trainings. The organization also fights against HIV/AIDS in LGBTI communities and speaks out against sexual orientation-based violence.


    The Issues

    2012 Reintroduction of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill


    Working with Nobel Peace Prize Laureates

    Working with Faith Leaders


    Letters & Statements

    2011 RFK Human Rights Award

    Download this file (AHBApril12.pdf)April 2012 Briefing322 Kb