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Ariel Dorfman

Chilean writer Ariel Dorfman is the Walter Hines Page Distinguished Professor of Literature and Latin American Studies at Duke University. He received numerous international awards, amongst wich the Sudamericana Award for novel, the Lawrence Olivier Award for best new play (“Death and the Maiden”).

Dorfman’s novels, both in English and in Spanish, have been translated in more than 40 languages and his plays have been staged in over 100 countries. Amongst his novels: “Widows”, “Konfidenz”, “The Nanny and the iceberg” and “Blakes Therapy”. His non fictional works include “Exorcising Terror: The Incredible Unending Trial of Gen. Augusto Pinochet” and “Heading South, Looking North”. Dorfman also wrote a novel with his youngest son Joaquin, “Burning City”, and a book for children “The Rabbit’s Rebellion”.

His latest works include the travel book “Desert Memories” (winner of the Lowell Thomas Award) and the essay “Other Septembers, Many Americas: Selected Provocations, 1980-2004”, published by Seven Stories Press.

He is also the subject of a feature-length documentary, “A Promise to the Dead: The Exile Journey of Ariel Dorfman”, based on his memoir “Heading South, Looking North” and directed by Peter Raymont.

Ariel Dorfman was honored by the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) with the Latin America Peace and Justice Award for his involvement in the promotion of human rights, peace and justice in the Americas.

Ultimately, Dorfman realized the libretto for the opera version of “Death and the Maiden”, that premiered in Mälmo (Sweeden) in 2008.

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