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RFK Partners for Human Rights

The RFK Center’s human rights advocacy programs focus on the power of the individual, working through alliances and organizations to generate change.

The only international human rights program of its kind, RFK Partners for Human Rights forges multi-year partnerships with recipients of the annual Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award. Grounded in listening to and serving the real needs of the Laureates, RFK Partners' unique model is one of the most effective ways to advance long-term, systemic change for communities across the globe. Since 1984, the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights has worked with 45 Laureates from 27 countries.

Learn more about the laureates by clicking on their names below and don't forget to check out the laureate-to-laureate projects!

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Defenders - Human Rights

“We have to force the government to provide equal treatment, to stop discrimination, to respect the right to health care and a job for gays.” More...
"Is it morally defensible, after twenty years of searching, that individuals still cannot find their relatives, when there are people walking around who know the location of the  bodies?" More...
“The world may think that peace is on the way here, but the reality on the ground is very different…" More...
Political Freedom "We are helping the people. The problem is that the government doesn't want this type of help. It is certainly to the government's benefit that people don't know much about laws More...
"Anger is energy, it’s a force. If an act of injustice doesn’t provoke anger in me, it could be seen as indifference, passivity..." More...