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2007: Mohammed Ahmed Abdallah, Sudan

Treating victims of torture, and to ensure peace process includes provisions for post conflict truth and reconciliation (currently in exile).

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Human Rights Award Ceremony


Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Abdallah is a physician and Professor of Medicine at el-Fasher University in Darfur, Sudan, specializing in the treatment of survivors of torture and sexual violence. Until recently, Dr. Mohammed was the medical treatment director at the Amel Center for the Treatment & Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture in Darfur, offering services and support to survivors of torture and sexual violence while documenting violence and human rights abuses. He is also a highly respected community leader, peace negotiator and human rights advocate.

Dr. Mohammed is a member of the Sudanese Center for Rights Promotion and Peace Building, whose main objectives are to prevent human rights violations, combat impunity, and promote peace and reconciliation in Darfur and Sudan as a whole. The Centre's legal activities include strategic litigation, law reform, institutional reform, and engaging in transitional justice mechanisms. In addition, the Center conducts advocacy on behalf of victims of genocide and war crimes, and promotes peace and reconciliation in Darfur and the region.

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2007 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award:

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